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Monday, April 20, 2009


Upcoming Shows

The PowerPay Direct team will be in sunny San Diego, CA!

PowerPay Direct will be at booth #601 at Response Expo 2009 Tuesday, May 19 - Thursday, May 21. We are excited to be exhibiting at the show and are taking appointments now. Contact sproper@powerpay.biz today to schedule your appointment.

PowerPay is sponsoring the Golf Tournament!

Catch some sun and sign up to play the Response Expo Golf Tournament held at the Riverwalk Golf Club on Tuesday May 19, held just a short distance from the event hotel.

Department Spotlight – Risk Department

PowerPay is unique in the fact that unlike most processors we have a complete in-house risk department composed of a team of 12 dedicated risk analysts, two compliance analysts and a compliance manager with one goal in mind; to help protect you from fraud. Think of them as an added member of your team. Everyday they monitor and investigate any unusual or fraudulent activity on your accounts and are there to help educate you on how to prevent fraud and give you the tools you’ll need to protect yourself from unnecessary chargebacks. The team takes a proactive approach to identifying chargeback trends and work with merchants to develop a strategy to correct problems.

Plus, PowerPay’s Association Compliance Team has a successful record of rehabilitating merchants that are flagged by Visa and MasterCard’s excessive chargeback programs.

RememberPowerPay’s loss prevention model doesn’t necessarily view increasing chargeback trends as a problem, but as an opportunity to develop solutions and expand our strategic relationship with our merchants.

Did you know?

In February, The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Division of Enforcement issued a set of five principles for making online “negative option” offers.

Here are the five principles from the FTC*:

  1. Disclosing material terms in an understandable manner, without making them unnecessarily long or inconsistent;
  2. Making the disclosures clear and conspicuous by placing them where consumers are likely to look on Web pages, by labeling disclosures (and links to them) to indicate their importance and relevance, and by using easy-to-read fonts and colors;
  3. Disclosing the offer’s material terms before the consumer incurs a financial obligation;
  4. Obtaining consumers’ affirmative consent to the offer by, for example, having them click “I Agree” and without relying on pre-checked boxes; and
  5. Not impeding the effective operation of promised cancellation procedures and honoring cancellation requests that comply with such procedures.

*Source: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/02/jab.shtm

Meet your team:


Joe Libby – Manager, Loss Prevention

Joe Libby is the Manager of the Loss Prevention Department at PowerPay which includes Risk Monitoring, Association Compliance and Collections.  Joe works closely with our agents and merchants to ensure proper operation of merchant accounts and to mitigate problems before they arise in order to protect the bottom line.  He joined PowerPay in June of 2008 after spending the previous 14 years in Institutional Investment Services.  Joe is a graduate of the University of Maine and currently lives in Cumberland, Maine with his wife and two sons. He enjoys fishing, skiing, running and hiking. Joe grew up on the coast of Maine and spent much of his time on and around boats, something that he continues to do at every opportunity.

Contact the PowerPay Direct Response Team:

Website: powerpaydirect.biz
Email: directresponse@powerpay.biz
Phone:  (877) 238-3525

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